At the Jenßen's dog obedience school and animal pension

The class 3b with four Saint Bernard dogs The classes 3 visited the Jenßen's obedience school and animal pension in Colmnitz in the school year 2004/2005. With the Jenßen family, young dogs get their basic education during the puppy playtime.

By turns between playing and working they learn to walk on a leash, to execute preliminary commands and to get along with other dogs.
Furthermore, dogs and cats are cared for temporarily, for example when their master is being ill.

We were allowed to take the dogs on the lead Saint Bernards
The Jenßen family owns four Saint Bernards – Doritt, Ibo, Ingolf and Josef.
We looked enthusiastically after the dogs and were allowed to take the dogs on the lead and to stroke them.
Misses Jenßen with her Saint Bernard Mister Jenßen with the Labrador Cora
Mister and Misses Jenßen showed us how the dogs are obeying,
executing commands and overcoming obstacles.
The four therapy dogs. Therapy dogs in the old people's home
These four Saint Bernards are trained extra well, because they work with Misses Jenßen as therapy dogs in old people's and nursing homes several times weekly. The aged and ill people always await eagerly “their” dogs and look forward to be together with them.
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