At Baumgart's company – automotive paint and body repair shop

The pupils of class 4 visited Baumgart's company in Pretzschendorf.
The business was founded 100 years ago by Otto Baumgart. First it was a cartwright's workshop.
car wheel sledge runners
In former times wheels, coaches, sledges and skis were produced.
tools from former timessaw"
Rudolf Baumgart showed us some old tools: Plane, crowbar, hammer, wood-carving knife, saw and a pair of compasses
The vintage car is rebuild.Repairing
Today, the most used material are different metal plates. The Baumgart Company repairs and sprays cars which were involved in an accident.
Furthermore, the company rebuilds vintage cars.
preparation for lacquering the
On the left the preparation for lacquering, on the right the paint-spray line.
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