Friedersdorf in Saxony/Germany

Farmyard in Friedersdorf
Our home village Friedersdorf is more than one kilometre long and has about 320 inhabitants. It was laid out as a “Waldhufendorf” which means that each farmstead along one single long street had two wide strips of land and forest adjacent to the farmhouse.

Friedersdorf was first mentioned in 1360 as “Fridrichsdorf” which means “village of Friedrich (Frederick)”. Nothing is known about the person named Friedrich who gave his name to the village.

Despite of the height of 469–496 m above sea level, Friedersdorf has been shaped by farming. In addition, especially handycrafts were the base of life for a lot of inhabitants during the last centuries.
More information about Friedersdorf are available on our German page.
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