At the Bellmann carpenter's workshop

The class 3b got to know the carpenter's handicraft in Röthenbach. The carpenter's workshop which was founded in 1898 by Paul Bellmann is run in the fourth generation today by Steffen Bellmann.

Mister Bellmann is cutting glass Mister Bellmann is explaining different types of profile-milling cutters
In the Bellmann carpenter's workshop, furniture, stairs and balcony balustrades are manufactured. In addition, the Bellmann family installs windows.The senior master Günter Bellmann made the wooden parts for the Röthenbach Christmas Pyramid. In former times, several journeymen and apprentices were working in the workshop. Today, Steffen Bellmann ist working with his son as an apprentice.
Master Bellmann showed us the abrasive belt grinder. A ply
Mister Bellmann guided us trough the carpenter's workshop and showed us his machines and tools.
For example he explained us how to use a circular saw and a surface planing machine and how to create a bed.
Circular saw

At the end, all of us could make a small wooden piece of work:
Wir schleifen We are painting our little trees
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