Colmnitz in Saxony/Germany

Our home village Colmnitz is about seven kilometres long and situated south of the Tharandt forest where the centre of our federal state of Saxony is located. Through the whole village (height 390–460 m above sea level) flows a stream which has the same name as the village. The village (first mentioned in 1348) has the typical structure of a “Waldhufendorf”. This means that each farmstead along one single long street had two wide strips of land and forest adjacent to the farmhouse.

With its 1,400 inhabitants, Colmnitz is the largest of our home villages. Together with the silver mining at Freiberg (15 km away), Colmnitz developed as a farming village with manifold handcrafting. Many farmyards show the former importance of farming in our area. Today, the fields around Colmnitz are farmed by the Colmnitz agriculture cooperative.

When the railway line from Dresden to Tharandt was extended to Freiberg in 1862, the Klingenberg Station was built. Since 1898 the station has been named “Klingenberg-Colmnitz”. Today, trains go for example to Dresden, Freiberg and Chemnitz.

Colmnitz became known within Saxony because of the “Stracos Erlebniswelt” which is a place where visitors can see how the traditional wood products from the Erzgebirge (for example nutcrackers and incense smokers) are manufactured. Another famous place is the „Weidegut” – an old farm where a lot of events take place every year. For example, a cottage garden can be visited there.
More information about Colmnitz are available on our German page.
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