Röthenbach in Saxony/Germany

Three-sided farmyard
With almost 220 inhabitants, Röthenbach is the smallest of our home villages. It has the typical structure of a “Waldhufendorf”. This means that each farmstead along one single long street had two wide strips of land and forest adjacent to the farmhouse. Röthenbach is situated in a narrow valley of the lower Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) – at a height of 502–567 m above sea level.

Röthenbach was mentioned for the first time in 1336. The village has been shaped mainly by farms from former times, because farming here was the base of life for most of the inhabitants beside of handicrafts and mining. The area was mined like almost every region of the Ore Mountains. In seven mines, for example silver ore and pyrite (which still can be found today in some places) were mined until 1887.

Röthenbach is an ideal point of departure for hiking tours through the lovely valley of the “Wilde Weißeritz” river and to the Klingenberg Dam. It is also possible to walk around or on top of the Röthenbach hill which rises 605 m above sea level. It has an volcanic origin and consists mainly of red Porphyry.
More information about Röthenbach are available on our German page.
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